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For CV, see attachment at base of this page.

2019: I will publish with Process Press my long -prepared study, The Sense of Movement - An Intellectual History.

Recently published!

Irina Sirotkina and Roger Smith, THE SIXTH SENSE OF THE AVANT-GARDE: DANCE, KINAESTHESIA AND THE ARTS IN REVOLUTIONARY RUSSIA. London: Bloomsbury, 2017. From December 2018 in paperback:
!!! For Introductory and concluding chapter, see the attachment on this Page!!!

For 'Movement Matters', the programme of the paperback book launch, 1 December 2019, see attachment below.

The corrected full text of this major survey history is now freely available on this site.
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For Russian translations of my work - 3 books are available - see cv; also a  number of articles.

'Russian Federation', in David B. Baker, The Oxford Handbook of the History of Psychology (2012), by Irina Sirotkina and Roger Smith, is available in Russian translation (by Irina Sirotkina), on-line at this site - go to Статьи
This is a unique, clear overview of the history of psychology in Russia, helpful for students and teachers.

The Lecture Course given in Oct-Dec 2014 at the Institute of Philosophy, Moscow, on 

Some key philosophical words in English – their history and interpretation

is available on line at the Institute web-site:


or go to iphras.ru/video, then to аудио- и видеоматериали, then to выступления

There are 8 video  lectures, each accompanied by a sheet of notes. The lectures are spoken in clear English and  introduce debates about much discussed, and sometimes hard to translate, words in English intellectual discourse. 

(A similar course was also given in the autumn of 2012.)

The words discussed are: 

1. ‘Science’.

2. ‘Humanity, humanitarian, humanistic, humanities’.

3. ‘Mind and consciousness’.

4. ‘Human nature’.

5. ‘Utility and utilitarian’.

6. ‘Modernity and modernism’.

7. ‘Agency’.

8. ‘Liberal’.

Lecture Course on Enlightenment, Institute of Philosophy, Spring 2017. See Лекции -  Lectures.

American Psychological Society, Mary Whiton Calkins Lecture, 8 August 2014

'Science encounters the humanities: History  of kinaesthesia and touch and metaphors of feeling'

This lecture is available as a video at:


or go to: 

Dr Roger Smith APA SHP 2014







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